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Instrumental Analysis

Our residue analysis is vital in ensuring your products’ safety. With our modern laboratory equipment, including highly sensitive devices for measurement and analysis, we can reliably detect many forms of residue and undesired substances, such as residues from crop-protection agents, fertilizers and various pollutants in your products. As a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2640 our team of experts is at your side for advice on analysis using a range of techniques:



This technique provides a screen for over 300 residues, it tests for a wide range of residues from numerous pesticide groups including Organochlorine, Organophosphate, Organonitrogen, Triazine, Carbamate, Triazole, Dicarboximide, Strobiluron, Pyrethroid and many others including post harvest treatments traditionally tested for separately. Almost all of these residues are tested with a reporting limit of 0.01mg/kg or 10ppb and turnaround available for this test is from a staggering 12 hour service to our standard 5 day service.



Having been the first contract laboratory in the UK to offer combined screens using LCMS,  Tentamus QTS continues to offer services that are at the forefront of analytical testing. With a wide range of analytes included, add this screen on to the multiresidue screen by gas chromatography to cover in excess of 300 analytes. Our reporting limit for most of the residues in this list is 0.01mg/kg, turnarounds for this test also range from the 12 hour service to the standard 5 day service. A full list of the residues covered in the screens is available from our customer services department.



We also offer UKAS accredited dithiocarbamate screening on fresh produce.Our reporting limit for Dithiocarbamate residues is 0.05mg/kg, turnarounds for this test also range from the 12 hour service to the standard 5 day service.


Other Residue Testing

We routinely carry out many other types of residue testing, following is an outline of some of the most commonly requested tests:

  •    Chlormequat
  •    Ethephon
  •    Morpholine
  •    Glyphosate
  •    Fosetyl aluminium
  •    Phosphonic acid
  •    Maleic Hydrazide
  •    Glufosinate ammonium
  •    2,4-D
  •    DDAC (Sporekill)
  •    BAC

We are able to carry out these tests on a wide range of commodities from fresh produce to processed foods and drinks, if you have a testing requirement that is not listed please contact us as it is quite likely that we already offer it but do not have it listed.


Illegal dye testing

Since the illegal dyes scare began in early 2004 QTS has been at the forefront of the testing of a wide range of commodities for these contaminants. Working closely with Leatherhead Food International, QTS has provided a vast amount of testing in what are often very complex samples.

As with our pesticide testing we are able to provide a rapid response to our customer needs. With our large screen for such dyes we can routinely report down to limits of 10ppb, for some of the dyes we are easily able to detect 5ppb. If you need a lower limit let us know!

If you have any questions regarding this testing or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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