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Our Competencies

Multi Residue Analysis

We know that when it comes to your products quality and safety assurance are paramount. At Tentamus QTS Analytical we continuously develop the very best analytical techniques to provide a first-class residue testing service you can rely on.

Illegal dye testing

Since the illegal dyes scare began in early 2004 QTS has been at the forefront of the testing of a wide range of commodities for these contaminants. Working closely with Leatherhead Food International, QTS has provided a vast amount of testing in what are often very complex samples.

Single Analyte Methods

Our residues analysis is vital in ensuring your products’ safety. With our modern laboratory equipment, including highly sensitive devices for measurement and analysis, we can reliably detect many forms of residue and undesired substances, such as residues from crop-protection agents, fertilizers and various pollutants in your products.

Welcome to Tentamus QTS Analytical

Tentamus QTS Analytical is a testing laboratory specialising in the analysis of pesticide residues in fresh produce, tea, food products, cereals and many other matrices. Our name is derived from the key areas in which we excel:


Accuracy is vital in our work, which is why we have developed state-of-the- art analytical techniques that provide the right result every time.


Our new techniques have been developed not only with quality in mind but also with speed of results, enabling us to provide results for the majority of pesticide residues with impressive speed.


We offer a friendly, personal service that does not include being passed around aimlessly and being put on hold indefinitely.


VelaLabs dedicated to Brexit Services!

January 2019: Chaotic Brexit situation will also have consequences for release of (bio)pharmaceuticals and time to market Your batch release (testing) for the EU market is now performed in the UK?   Do you want to prepare for an alternative in case Brexit issues are arising? After Brexit, batch release of (bio)pharmaceuticals for the EU ... Continued

Environmental impact of pharmaceutical residues

Pharmaceutical residues are not directly visible in the water, such as plastic bags or garbage, but can cause considerable damage to people and nature. The European Commission now wants to curb this and presented a new strategy on 12 March 2019.   The main objectives of the new strategy are:   Promoting a more careful use ... Continued

QTS Analytical in strong start to 2019

The laboratory team at QTS Analytical have been working hard amid increased demand for residues testing during the start of 2019. Offering a suite of pesticide screens to cover a variety of customer needs, QTS prides itself on quick turnaround without a compromise on the quality of results. The ISO17025 accredited laboratory is now offering ... Continued

Characterization and Analysis of Pheromones by Renolab GLP – A Tentamus Company

Pheromones are natural molecules used by living beings to communicate with other members of their species, and by humans to protect crops. Synthetic, carefully crafted pheromones are utilized to cause sexual confusion in parasites and protect plants from their attacks while preventing the release of extraneous chemicals into the environment. Their use increased gradually as ... Continued

Cold chain interruption may cause changes in food texture

Deep freezing is a careful process for preserving food. It stops the cell metabolism of the spoilage microorganisms. The industry uses different methods for this purpose – one is the so-called shock freezing at about -40 °C.  The water present in the food expands, but only very small ice crystals are formed. The cell walls ... Continued

Frozen convenience products to become healthier

Products such as frozen pizzas will contain less fat, salt and sugar in the future. This was agreed by the Federal Minister of Agriculture and the food industry. The ingredients will be reduced from 2019. By the end of the year, the industry associations are to work out a concept with the ministry. According to ... Continued

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